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Crossbuck Gate Kits

Single Drive Gate

The first thing you need to do is attach your hardware to the posts; J-bolts for the hinge post and the Sure-Latch for the latch post. To mount the J-bolts measure down from the top of the post and drill a 3/4″ hole exactly in the center of the post. (Do not try to drill the holes straight through)


  1. For 2-rail fence with 11 ” spacing mark down exactly 9″ and 25 1/4″

  2. For 3-rail fence with 11 ” spacing mark down exactly 10″ and 29 3/4″.”

  3. For 4-rail fence with 9″ spacing mark down 12″ and 41″

  4. For 4-rail fence with 6″ spacing mark down 11″ and 35″


After you have drilled your 3/4″ holes you need to install the j-bolt sleeves on the inside of the post. To get the lower sleeve in place you will need to use a pliers or vise-grip, clamp the pliers on the sleeve and slide it down the inside of the post and start the j-bolt through. Leave the front face of the j-bolt about 3″ from the post. Do the same on the top. Snug the nuts.


On the latch post, mark down 9″ from the top of the post, place the latch on the post with the top of the latch on your 9″ mark, center it and mark your 4 holes on the post. Drill the holes you just marked using a 3/8″ bit. Next, place the 1/2″ PVC sleeves on the inside of the post, start with the bottom one, hold your latch in place run the bolt thru, place the flat washer on, then the lock washer, then the nut, and the acorn nut. Follow the same procedure for the other 3 bolts. Snug the nuts.

Now you are ready to set your posts, if you need a opening of 12′ you need to set your posts 12′- 7″ inside post to inside post. The same applies for 4 ft or 6 ft and etc. We recommend setting your hinge and latch posts in a min. 12″ diameter x 36″ deep concrete footing.

After your gate posts are set in concrete you need to install your rails, cut them to the proper length, notch the rails and plug the ends with newspaper or duct-tape them shut, and snap the rails in place.

Now you are ready to fill the posts with concrete. You need two pieces of (1/2)” x 5′ re-bar for each post. Fill each post about 1/3 of the way with concrete and slide the re-bar down, keeping the re- bar near the center of the post. Bring the concrete to within 5-6″ of the top of the post. Allow concrete to cure 3-4 days before hanging gate. Don’t forget to clean the posts before the concrete sets up on them.

Now you are ready to assemble your gate. Measure inside post to inside post and subtract 7 1/2″ and cut your rails. Lay the stiles on a flat, clean surface. (Look on the inside of the stiles there will be a “T” for top. ) Slide the rails into the hinge stile make sure that the rails are tight against the stile, square the rails to the stile and run the 3/4″ screws in. Slide the center stiles on and then the end stile, square the end stile and run your screws in, now measure and get the middle stiles centered between the end stiles and run your screws in. Flip the gate over and run the screws in on the other side.

Now you are ready to hang the gate, simply remove the J-bolts and place them in the hinges on the hinge stile (one up and one down). Slide the J-bolts back through the post and tighten the nuts. Level the gate by adjusting the J-bolts.

Place the striker on the latch stile, the pin wants to be set so that when it slides into the latch, it rides up and lifts the gate a little to take the pressure off the hinge post. Mark the holes, drill them and bolt the striker on.

To install the safety chain and hook, attach chain to the top striker bolt, and the hook to the far top latch bolt.

If you follow all instructions and be accurate, everything will look great.

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