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Round Pen/Rounded Corner

When installing a round pen, oval arena or rounded corners, the installation is all about the same.


- The tightest that you want to bend the fencing is a 25′ radius or 50′ diameter.

- Set a radius stake. (you will measure your posts all the same distance from the stake. Example: 25′ radius would be 25′ from the radius stake to the center of the post).

- Start marking your posts from your gate working your way around to the other gate post.

- Mark your posts center to center, from each other, 7’11″ instead of the standard 8′ centers. This will make sure you don’t run out of rail when flexing them. You may have to trim the ends of the rails and renotch them, but it is much better then being to short. If you come out with and odd section at the end, mark the last few sections at 7′ centers until you use up the odd space. This makes the fence look more uniform without odd, short sections. Drill the holes and clean the loose dirt out.

- When setting your posts, measure from the radius point out to the center of each post whatever your radius dimension was. (example was 25′). Be sure to point the post toward the radius stake and this will turn the post to match the turn.

- Cement the post and pack the dirt.

- Drive the posts down or pull them up to roughly the same height off the ground.

- Railing is the same as before. Two people help the process a little to bend the rails when sliding them through and into the other posts. Trim the ends and renotch if necessary.

- After the rails are in, you will be able to see if you need to adjust the height of the posts a little more to smooth the look.


Instead of a hinge post and a latch post, you have 2 hinge posts, so follow the above directions for the same placement of ¾” J Bolts and filling the posts with concrete.


Now you are ready to assemble your gates. Measure inside post to inside post and subtract 12” and divide by 2 because you have 2 gates. Cut your rail. Lay the stile on a flat, clean surface. ( Look on the inside of the stiles there will be a “T” for top). Slide the rail into the hinge stile make sure that the rail are tight against the stile, install 2 –¾”x3 1/2”x40” wood shim inside stile ,square the rail to the stile and run the 2” screws in.  Slide the center stile on and then the end stile, on end stile install 2- ¾”x3 1/2”x40” wood shims inside stile, square the end stile and run your screws in, now measure and get middle stile centered between the end stiles and run your screws in. Flip the gate over and run the screws in on the other side.  Duplicate for the other gate.


Now you are ready to hang the gates, simply remove the J-bolts and place them in the hinges on the hinge stile (one up and one down). Slide the J-bolt back through the post and tighten the nuts.   Level the gates by adjusting the J-bolts.


The Double Drive Latch come with 2 pieces; the latch and the receiver. One piece goes on each gate and is placed above the drop pin brackets. Measure down about 12” from the top for the placement of the latch. There are 2 drop pin brackets for each gate also. These go on the bottom of the gate to hold the drop pins which go into the ground. You want to allow enough room for the pin to drop into the ground a few inches and also to clear the ground with enough space when opening the gate.


The chain kit which includes the 18” piece of chain and the hook. Bolt one on each gate on the same bolt that hold the latch, or the drop pin brackets, whichever you prefer.

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