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Thank you for your inquiry about our 3 future based Payment Options, 12 Months Same-as-Cash, 5 Year and 12 Year.  Here are the steps to secure your new fence- 


1. Receive the completed invoice price from us (Gardner Fence)  You need the final invoice amount when applying for the loan.

2.  Apply on line @ or call Program Phone # 888-495-4923

* Must have info-  Our Contractor ID is 1579

(Installation is only available for financing in MN and TX)

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More about your 3 Options:




12 months Same-as-Cash

Loan Code is LL264

Limits- $1,000/min – $55,000/max 

No monthly payments or interest

5 years @ 6.99%  Interest 

Loan Code is 6995YRL86

Limits - 3,500/min -$55,000/max

Monthly Payments, No prepayment penalty

12 years @ 9.99%  Interest

Loan Code is 99912YRLL36

Limits- $10,000/min to $55,000/max

Monthly Payments, No prepayment penalty

Once you have been approved I will be in touch to close the order.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


Enjoy Project Flexibility! -  Please know that you can choose to pay for part of your project and finance the rest.  You simply must meet the minimum amount for the option you would like to choose.

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America's trusted vinyl horse fence leader since 1988! 

Lowest Prices, USA Made, Delivered Direct.


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Black Vinyl Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence
Vinyl Horse Fence

"I know there is no one-hundred-percent hurricane proof fence. The winds from a big hurricane are simply too strong for any fence, even a brick wall, to remain standing with absolutely no damage. Our home recently experienced the catastrophic 155+ mph sustained winds of Hurricane Michael.

The only 3-rail vinyl fence damage we had was the posts and rails on which some of our 75+ overblown oak trees fell.  Of the more than 3000’ feet of 3-rail fence on our property, we only replaced 24 rails and 4 posts damaged by the falling trees.  We didn’t have a single rail, that was not damaged by falling trees, come out of its post. We have been able to straighten all of the posts that were leaning and only broke one in that process.  After driving around our area in the aftermath of the storm we found there were very few 3-rail vinyl fences, and no wooden fences, that kept their basic structure intact and were still a functional fence.  Once we cleared the trees from our road, driveway and main paddock, our horses were able to return home and be safely turned out.  So if anyone is looking for a fence that will stand up to a catastrophic hurricane, I know of one that fits this bill – Gardner 3-rail vinyl fence."

                                                                                                                                                                                               G.C.  FL


The Gardner Fence Mission

To provide you with the Highest Quality Vinyl Fence Systems, paired with prompt, knowledgeable service before and after the sale, at the lowest prices available anywhere. This mission forms the 3 commitments from Gardner to our customers:   Best Fence, Best Price, Best Service.

Our Mission
Messure Your Property

Need help measuring your property?

Our map app will enable you to design and measure your fence project using your property. When finished you will receive an estimate for your project.


Do not buy wood

1. Vinyl has no flavor so horses do not care to chew on it

2. Vinyl will not splinter like wood which makes vinyl safer for your animals

3. Vinyl Never needs painting, it’s easy to clean and stays looking like new

4. Vinyl has no nails or screws involved to hurt your animals

5. Vinyl is quicker to install

6. Our vinyl fences come with a Lifetime Warranty

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